Date as _id

(Peter Romfeld) #1

Hi i only used elasticsearch for centralised logging before,
we are considering to use elasticsearch to index analytics data for our apps for easier aggregation.

For upsert convenience i was thinking to use the date as id.
Example: {provider}/{analytics-type}

From my understanding if i want to aggregate over multiple specific types i can just do:

I obviously still will have all the information like provider, app-id and co inside the document.

Is there any downside to using the date as _id that i am missing?

(Fanfan) #2

is there two or more records with the same date stamp to save in one type?

(Peter Romfeld) #3

no, separation is done with index and types, so there will always be only one document for one date(or depending on type date_country)

(system) #4

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