Date_detection not working with not_analyzed fields

I want to enable date_detection but, at the same time, I want to store all fields as not_analyzed by default.

So I'm using these mappings with date_detection: true and a dynamic_template. Dates are not detected, and they are indexed as strings. If I remove the index: "not_analyzed" part of the dynamic template, then dates are detected but all my fields are analyzed. Is there any way to enable both behaviours (date_detection + not_analyzed)?

       "dynamic_templates": [
           "template_do_not_analyze": {
             "mapping": {
               "index": "not_analyzed",
               "type": "{dynamic_type}"
             "match": "*"

I'm using ElasticSearch 2.2 and I don't know the names of the fields that contain dates in advance.
Thank you !

I could reproduce the issue indeed. Would you mind opening a bug at that paints to this discussion?


Someone said there is a workaround. See the issue in github.