Date format with month's name

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I'm new to Elasticsearch, so please be patient.
I didn't find a solution for my issue, so i thought I might try here.

I use a Logstash pipeline to parse my logs to Elasticsearch. My date format looks like this:

28/Mar/2017:07:21:08 +0200

It's parsable using the grok %{HTTPDATE:timestamp} pattern but it's then saved as a string in Elasticsearch, meaning it is not aggregatable and thus useless in my case.
How can i make Elasticsearch save it as a date?
I tried using a mapping, but i didn't find any method of parsing it with the written month (e.g "Jan", "Feb", "Mar"...)

I hope somebody can help me, thanks in advance.
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First you can read this post: Invalid format of timestamp

Note that if you change the mapping you have to re-create an index with the new mapping.
Your date format will be something like that:

"dd/MMM/yyyy:HH:mm:ss Z"


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It may be bad, because I'm not able to parse a month with 3 letters in French, but it works in english...


		DateTimeFormatter format = DateTimeFormat.forPattern("MMM");
		DateTime instance = format.withLocale(Locale.ENGLISH).parseDateTime("Oct");  


		DateTimeFormatter format = DateTimeFormat.forPattern("MMM");
		DateTime instance = format.withLocale(Locale.FRENCH).parseDateTime("Oct");  


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