Date_histogram aggregation and DST

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I wonder whether it was possible or not to have date histogram aggregation
be DST aware. From what I understand of the date histogram algorithm, it's
something like :

date + offset - (date + offset) % interval

Maybe a scripted term aggregation would be a better solution if the date
datas already have a DST aware offset registered.

For example, let's say we have documents with those kind of date fields :

2014-03-29T00:30:00.000+01:00 (2014-03-28T23:30:00.000Z)
2014-03-30T00:30:00.000+01:00 (2014-03-29T23:30:00.000Z)
2014-03-31T00:30:00.000+02:00 (2014-03-30T22:30:00.000Z)
2014-03-31T01:30:00.000+02:00 (2014-03-30T23:30:00.000Z)

Using string manipulation in scripted term aggregation to retrieve document
by day would be trivial but less performant than date_histogram aggregation
which would probably not be able to aggregate dates taking DST into account.

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