Date histogram cache?

We hava huge amount of date histogram query, so i want to know whether the partial result of date histogram query can be cached.
For example, i query avg(cost) of last 1 hour group by 1m interval at 01:00, and then i do a same query at 01:05. Can the result of 00:05~01:00 be cached? It can save CPU resource in a great measure

Some aspects of queries and aggregations are cached. Parts of the lucene query will internally cache so that finding the documents is faster in the future, aggregations have a "request cache" which caches agg responses, and the file system caches hot index files.

The request cache is particularly useful if there are many shards involved in a search. E.g. if you have an index-per-day and search the last 7 days, only the two ends of the 7 day range are likely to change. So the internal 5 days get cached and only the two end days are updated.

So the short answer is that yes, there is caching involved. We don't do fine-level caching though, since it is easy to fill a cache with values that are never used again and it causes a lot of churn. For that level we rely on the OS to keep hot mmapped index/doc value files in memory.

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