Date histogram every half a month

How to write an interval that groups by every half a month? Rather than 1M I want something like 1/2M to group by from the first to the 16th and from the 16th to the end of the month, every month. Is there a way to do so?

I don't want to end up doing an interval on each day and then calculate manually my results as it's not clean and it would be resource hungry, is there a simple way to do so using setInterval? (in Elasticsearch or Elastica I don't care, I just want the algorithm behind it, thanks!)

$date_grp_agg = new \Elastica\Aggregation\DateHistogram('date');
$date_grp_agg->setField('date')->setFormat("MM-yy")->setInterval('1M'); // This one

The only way is to use days but this will give approximative results in a sense that splitting in 15d in January will left one day that will go in 1st half of February.

The other way would be by indexing a text field like "date": "Jan1", "date": "Jan2","date": "Feb1", "date": "Feb2" and compute that value at index time based on your rules and calendar rules like some months of february have 28 days while others might have 29 days...

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How would you want me to index a text field if I have multiple years? How would I group them to filter their results?

You can index this:

  "year": 2018,
  "month-period": "jan1"

And then run 2 terms agg, the first on year and the second on month-period.

Or index:

  "month-period": "2018jan1"
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Thank you so much!

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