Date_histogram: Unknown time-zone ID: Europe/Kyiv

Hey, I have a es search with aggregations which contains date_histogram with time_zone parameter. When I'm choosing "Europe/Kyiv" as time_zone
I'm getting the following error reason: "Unknown time-zone ID: Europe/Kyiv".
Any idea why it happens?

Edit: Im using V8.1.3

Which version are you using?

Using 8.1.3

8.1.3 or 8.11.3?

8.1.3 :slightly_smiling_face:

@leandrojmp I found this issue [CI] JdbcFrozenCsvSpecIT 'Unknown time-zone ID' failures · Issue #95044 · elastic/elasticsearch · GitHub
might be relatd :thinking:

Yeah, I think that's the issue then.

8.1.3 is from April 2022 according to this blog post.

Europe/Kiev was renamed to Europe/Kyiv in August 2022, on the 2022b release of tz data according to this.

And according to this it was included on java versions from August 2022.

But I'm not sure if just upgrading to a newer version or using a newer java will solve the issue.

This is issue seems to be related to the CI elastic uses, not sure it would apply to your case.

Can you share your aggregation? Or at least the date_histogram part.


      "date_histogram": {
        "field": "timestamp",
        "calendar_interval": "day",
        "time_zone": "Europe/Kyiv"

I checked Europe/Kiev and it works.
Ill try to upgrade, appreciate your help!!

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