Date math explanation

I want to use visualization in dashboard to show number of logs for one day (from midnight to midnight). Used aggregation "Date Range" by field "log.timestamp", from now-1d/d to now/d, but I'm not sure it's showing correctly and the problem is that my timezone on kafka is somehow different.

When it is 0:00:01 (when new day starts), my logs have timestamp of day before at 22:00:01.

Basically, what is date range from-to I should set to to get count from only current day, on my index it is logs from eg 2019-01-01 22:00:00 to eg 2019-01-02 22:00:00


dates are stored as UTC, now is also using UTC date. Is it possible that the date you stored is not UTC but differs by two hours, and thus you are seeing that difference?


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