Date range as metric

I am new to Kibana and want to know if this is possible.
My app makes service calls and many times it gets zero transactions and a few times it receives transactions.
I want to create a table that may look like this

Service calls NoofTxnsFeteched Date time range
GET_1 1000 2021-02-26 21:26:33.206Z--- 2021-02-26 23:26:33.206Z

Is it possible?

Hi @sramya , and welcome to our community!

Maybe this is not exactly what you are looking for, but I thought it is pretty close: in Lens there's the feature of customize time intervals for date histograms. While it won't print the dates exactly like your example, the combination of cell date + header interval may be enough.

In order to use reproduce a scenario similar to yours I've used the logs sample data, and goings through the following steps:

  • Open Lens and pick the Datatable visualization
  • Drag the "Records" field to the "Metrics" panel in order to have a count of entries
  • Drag the date field (in my case of sample data is "@timestamp") to the "Break down by" panel
  • Click on the "@timestamp" just configured in the "Break down by" panel to open a configuration panel, click on the "Customize time interval" and customize as will
  • you see now the table will show a header with "@timestamp per day" (or minute/hours... depending on your configuration)
  • In your table I can see you have the "Service calls" which probably is another "Break down by" criteria. In the sample data I've used the "tags.keyword" to replicate a similar scenario, dragging it to the "Break down by" panel as well.

In case I've misunderstood your issue, may I ask to give some more details on your use case?

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