Date transform

I have this format of date,
Thu May 4 13:38:33 2017 DISCONNECT S248/15 host (

Did it's possible to transform it on "YYYY-MM-dd HH:mm:ss" ?

date ingest processor can process a String to extract a Date from it.
Is that what you mean?

In fact, my date format is like that :
Thu May 4 13:38:33 2017
And i want to transform it on YYYY-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.
Can we do transform it with the option "date" ?
Because I have a grok who extract perfectly each field of the date .

Why do you want to transform it as a String using this format YYYY-MM-dd HH:mm:ss instead of a Date that you can actually use to compute aggs or run range queries on it?

Because I want to replace my date in the timestamp, and i think that's it didn't work if the format is incorrect, right ?:confused:

But what for? I totally understood that you want to change Thu May 4 13:38:33 2017 to YYYY-MM-dd HH:mm:ss but do you intend to just store that field as a String or do you actually want to be able to use it (filter by date, date_histogram agg...)?

Yes, I want to be able to use it ((filter by date, etc) :slight_smile:
In fact, it's a file log.
I have 2 field, the timestamp which take the time when the upload file and the datestamp (the real log time).
I want to replace the timestamp by the datestamp

Then I'd use the Date Processor as I told in Date transform

Or I'd change the mapping for the field and change its format so you don't have to pre-process it:

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Okay i'll check , thanks my friend :wink:

Where do you put the processor ?

In an ingest pipeline:

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