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I am using date processor to parse and convert the date from a custom field which is string. Date processor parses the date correctly, but storing in @timestamp incorrectly. It parses AM/PM format correctly. But when storing in 24 hours Z format, it's not transforming correctly in 24 hr.

Date Processor

      "date" : {
        "field" : "msg.timestamp",
        "formats" : ["MMM dd, yyyy, HH:mm:ss,SSS a z"]

msg.timestamp value is "Oct 20, 2018, 6:59:38,772 PM UTC"

and final @timestamp value out is below.

"@timestamp": "2018-10-20T06:59:38.772Z",

Am i missing anything ?


Can someone provide a feedback ?

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Please be aware that this is a community forum that does not come with any SLA on answers nor guarantees them - pinging on this thread after two hours is something I personally interpret as rather rude. If you need an SLA for your answers, you can get a subscription, see https://www.elastic.co/subscriptions

From a quick peek, I think you need to replace HH with the hour of halfday to make this work.


Thanks a lot @spinscale. I agree, it's a community forum and i don't expect any SLA's. I just asked again, because sometimes i(atleast in my case) get the notification of question asked on the forum i am registered on, and then forget to reply it. But if someone asks again, i quickly go and reply(Because i forgot to reply inititally :slight_smile: ).

Appreciate your help, i'll give it a try.

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