Date with the max count grouped by a term

I'm currently getting this results

message1 | 2022-06-09 | 250
message1 | 2022-06-08 | 300
message2 | 2022-06-09 | 400
message2 | 2022-06-08 | 200

And my current setting is like this

What do I need to add here to just get the dates with the highest count like tis

message1 | 2022-06-08 | 300
message2 | 2022-06-09 | 400


So your interval is daily and you are seeing results for that. I am not sure how to tweak this? I will buzz you back.


There is no such function to filter date histogram buckets.

One option is to create a runtime field to calculate the date of @timestamp and then use terms aggregation with size 1 on that runtime field.

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