_dateparsefailure - yet all data has been imported


I have researched previous messages regarding the error "_dateparsefailure ". I can't figure out why when all of my data is imported correctly and yet the last line in Kibana is throwing up an error "_dateparsefailure"?

I am baffled and if anyone could shed some light then that would be great.

My Grok pattern only has to parse one date time format and not an array of formats:


Thank you

@peterlarb could you please provide more info on the version you're using, how you're importing the data (i.e. through logstash or directly in Kibana) and an example of your data? It will be easier to help you debug with more info. You'll also need to explicitly grok the entries in the "datetime".

If you're uploading data directly in Kibana, the UI has a great feature to guide you though parsing dates. Here's a link to a blog post that describes the process in detail.

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