DateRangeAggregation minDocCount filter

I'm on version 6.5.3 using this aggregation via the java api and I don't see a way to filter based on numDocCount. Is there such a way and I just missed it? or if not, I would like to propose it.

Here is my code:

>         AggregationBuilder myagg = new CompositeAggregationBuilder("stats1", Arrays.asList( "1","2","3","4)).size(10000);
>         myagg
>                 .subAggregation(new ExtendedStatsBucketPipelineAggregationBuilder("stats2", "current>sum"))
>                 .subAggregation(new DateRangeAggregationBuilder("stats3")
>                         .field(DATETIME)
>                         .addRange(, --> here I want to filter only if docCount > 1
>                         .addRange(,
>                         .addRange(,
>                         .addRange(,
>                         .subAggregation(new SumAggregationBuilder("stats4")
>                                 .field("myField))))


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