Dates ingested to elasticsearch are shown differently in Kibana Discover

I am ingesting a CSV file using OpenCSV into POJO with Java. My date format in the file is "yyyy-MM-dd." The Date is read properly and ingested to Elasticsearch as it is. However, whenever I go to Kibana Discover, I will see the date displayed in another date time and not what I expected to see. It looks fine on the Raw JSON. For example, I will have the date "2020-06-01" but Kibana Discover will display "2020-05-31". I also noticed there is a field named "fields" displaying

"fields": {
"date": [


Am I doing something wrong or it is just Kibana doing something else?

Set Advanced setting dateFormat:tz and dateFormat to configure how dates are displayed in Kibana. By default, dateFormat:tz will display dates in your Browser's timezone. Set to UTC to see times based on zulu.

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