Dazzled and confused with the _all field in 6.+

They say _all field will be disabled in 6.0+ , and recommend to use "copy_to" instead.

I don't know a previous knowledge of the fields that are being submitted, just know a few cases I don't want to be included in the _all field, say "id", "image_link"and a few others.
But for any other field, I want to be able to search for it through the _all field.

I can not use the "copy_to", because I don't know which name the fields will have.

I've tried using dynamic templates, but I would completely overwrite the default behavior and I don't want that , I just want to "add" the "copy_to" instruction on top of what the default dynamic mapping mechanism does (i.e., for text fields, add a "keywords" sbfield)

I'm a little stuck here. Any help would be greatly appreciated

The reason that we are removing _all is that we will have a query that will query all the fields. So the end functionality is the same, just using a more efficient method.

With that in mind, what do you want to do with _all?

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