DBG Harvester for file is still running + Solution

I had been getting the error like below in my filebeat log:

2017-10-17T04:35:19-05:00 DBG Check file for harvesting: /var/log/secure
2017-10-17T04:35:19-05:00 DBG Update existing file for harvesting: /var/log/secure, offset: 60739
2017-10-17T04:35:19-05:00 DBG Harvester for file is still running: /var/log/secure

I have searched in this forum and in a thread it is mentioned to update the logstash plugins and that fixed the issue.

I have updated the plugins using the below command:

bin/logstash-plugin update

But that doesn't solved the issue and later I figured out that a simple typo mistake like adding a " in the filebeat.yml configuration file can trigger this error.

So I closely checked and in my case it was uncommenting the ssl.certificate_authorities line in the filebeat configuration.

So decided to post this topic to make all of you aware that commenting the ssl parameter or just a " in the end of any log file might have trigger this error.

Jino Joseph.

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