Dead Letter Queue (DLQ) issue


I'm using Logstash 6.3.2 and I've enabled the DLQ but it doesn't appear to be indexing the events back into Elasticsearch; the log files in the DLQ data directory just keep growing and all i'm seeing in logstash-plain.log is:

[WARN ][] Event previously submitted to dead letter queue. Skipping...

I have the following in my logstash.conf file to repair the DLQ messages so they can be indexed into Elasticsearch:

if "dlq" in [tags] {
      mutate {
        convert => {
          "src_ip" => "string"
          "dst_ip" => "string"

However the repaired messages I'm expecting to see in Elasticsearch aren't there.

Can anyone help?

If I remove the problematic fields as below:

if "dlq" in [tags] {
     mutate { remove_field => [ "src_ip", "dst_ip" ] } 

I no longer see the "Event previously submitted to dead letter queue. Skipping..." error in the Logstash log, however the message is still not indexed into Elasticsearch.


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