DLQ Processing

I'm trying to process events written to a dlq due to mapping conflicts. I'm not trying to preprocess any of those messages (yet). Instead, am just reading them in and writing them to a new index name. However, I get the error:

[WARN ] 2022-12-06 15:04:19.778 [[out-dlq]>worker6] DeadLetterQueueWriter - Event previously submitted to dead letter queue. Skipping...

Why is this? The new index doesn't yet exist and so there is no data to conflict with. Logstash version is 8.4.3 and test config looks like this:

input {
    dead_letter_queue {
        path => "/path_to_dlq/dead_letter_queue"
        pipeline_id => "out-es"
        commit_offsets => true
        id => "dlq-out"
        type => "dlq"
}output {
    elasticsearch {
        hosts => "elasticsearch_endpoint:9200"
        index => "logs-dlq-%{+YYYY.MM.dd}"
        manage_template => false
        document_type => "_doc"
        pipeline => "ingestion_pipeline"

Note: we're using a pipelined configuration which isn't shown here.

The elasticsearch output has received an error from elasticsearch when it tried to index the event. The event already has metadata fields that indicate it came from the dead_letter_queue. There is no point in adding a second copy of the event to the DLQ, so the DLQ writer skips it. I would expect both logstash and elasticsearch to log something about why the event was rejected.

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