Dealing with date types in Java API

Hi there,

I am dealing with the Java API and have a problem getting a Date object

For the index /employees/employee I have a mapping for the employed_since
field like:

"employed_since": {
"type": "date",
"format": "dateOptionalTime"
The document has of course some more fields :slight_smile:

With the Java-API I created a node and I'll issue a:

GetResponse object = client.prepareGet("employees", "employee",
"SOME_ID").setFields("employed_since", "name", "first_name", "gender"

When I now try to access object.getField("employed_since").getValue() I
receive the String representation of the Date object.

of course I could parse the string, but what is the best practice here? How
do I get the Date object back without having to parse it?

Thanks for any help!


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Has anyone responded to your initial post...I know that it has been an few years

I am running into this same issue and wanted to know if there was like a unmarshall like functionality I can hook into that will convert the String Date into an actual Date object.

I will also try to re-post in case.