Debug Filebeat

(Christian Wöhrle) #1

I'd like to debug filebeat in goland to understand how it is working internally but I get the error message:

could not launch process: could not get .debug_frame section: could not find .debug_frame section

This is in fact a go error that won't be fixed until go 1.12 and is discussed here.
However: Is there a smart way to get around that go issue or is really impossible to debug for some time.

(Steffen Siering) #2

We can't do much about go compiler issues. If I need to debug with delve, I often switch to go1.9. I use gvm to switch to another go version via eval $(gvm 1.9).

Normally I use this for debugging unit tests in single packages. Not sure if filebeat still compiles with go 1.9.

Golang uses delve. From CLI you can try gdb as well.

(Christian Wöhrle) #3

Thank you!

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