Deciding correct analyzer for the field mapping & searching

Hello everyone,
I want a search capability on a field that contains 1 or 2 lines of

I went through many articles but could not find right fit for analyzers.

Scenario: User may input any text containing single or multiple word or
even half word and it can be in any case (upper or lower).

I want to search that user input on one of the fields.


  • When I go with simple analyzer: it lower cases the text for search, but
    when user input multiple fields, it doesn't find a record
  • When I got with no analyzer and wild card search: It gives me everything
    , but search becomes case sensitive

Could anyone please suggest how I can fulfil this scenario in elastic

Basically, I want my search to be case-insensitive and user may provide
input of one or more words or even a half (partial) word.

Appreciate your inputs!

Sagar Shah

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