Dedicated Documentation for Java API Client

Hello everyone,

for the Java High Level REST Client there is a dedicated documentation providing detailed information and examples on how to use the Client. This was extremely helpful during development.

My questions are:

Will there be something similar for the new Java API Client? Meaning a dedicated documentation providing explanations and especially usage examples for most of its functionalities (or at least the main functionalities).
Or will the only documentation sources be the REST API Documentation and the JavaDoc?

I am aware of the current documentation here , which explains the broad concepts of the new API and provides exemplary Code Snippets.

If there will be a dedicated documentation for the new Java API Client similar to the documentation of the Java High Level REST Client, are there any (approximate) estimates when it will be released?
If there won't be a dedicated documentation for the new Java API Client, are there any plans to make the JavaDoc more detailed/verbose?

Thanks in advance for your help!


yes that is the plan. You can follow the documentation issues in the github repo if you want to follow along. See Issues · elastic/elasticsearch-java · GitHub

Have a good day!



Thank you very much for the fast reply!
Do you know roughly when to expect a release of a more detailed version of the documentation, especially with more examples (e.g. 1 month, 6 month, 1 year)?
I looked through the Github issues and couldn't find any meaningful hints about the time frame to expect.

I am asking because:
We want to migrate from the HLRC to the new Java API Client, but obviously the more documentation the better/easier. Depending on when to expect a more detailed documentation we will wait for the new version of the documentation or migrate right away.

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