Default log paths used for beats


I have an AIX server and cant install beats on it so as a workaround want to forward logs in another server and install beats and read from there.

I wanted to know the default paths used by:

  • Metricbeat system module
  • Auditbeat
  • Filebeat system module

Please let me know if any other workaround possible.

Bryce Fernandes.

Hi @Bryce_Fernandes,

Yes, forwarding logs to a different machine is basically the only option at the moment using official packages.

Log paths depend on the operating system and the installation method, what do you need the default paths for?

Regarding native AIX support you can follow this issue: Add AIX support · Issue #15785 · elastic/beats · GitHub.
Summarizing the issue, Beats can be built for AIX, but this is not officially supported, and there are some limitations

Hi @jsoriano ,

Thanks for the quick reply.

Actually I have 2 types of servers, one is power9 CPU and other is AIX OS.
I have seen the github link and found that there are unofficial beats packages for AIX but currently don't have access to it.

Currently I have power9 CPU and there is no support for beats but want the default dashboards for metricbeat system, auditbeat, filebeat system modules.

I have generated the dashboards and templates from intel servers and its reflecting fine. But somehow need the logs from power9 and AIX also to get parsed and reflect in dashboard.

I am aware about the filebeat system logs paths and where to use it
i.e. Using the path in modules.d./system.yml

Similary need paths for auditbeat and metricbeat and where to replace it in yml file.
Once I get the path can forward to a supported server and use beats for same.

Thanks and Regards,
Bryce Fernandes.

Auditbeat and Metricbeat don't collect the information from logs, they need to be running in the monitored system itself, there is no way of forwarding this information.

For Filebeat, you can write the forwarded logs to any path, and configure this path in the system module by setting the var.paths option.

Or, if you are using syslog to forward the log, you can configure the syslog input in Filebeat and send the logs directly there.

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