Filebeat for AIX?

Im doing a project to replace Splunk :smile: using ELK Stack opensource. Im having tough time finding Logstash forwarder agent for AIX. Logstash forwarder java is not working as it is supposed to be, Does Filebeat support AIX? Can we expect it future?

Unfortunately, the Go language does not currently support building AIX binaries, and we would need that to make Filebeat work on AIX:

Two options:

  1. You can try using Logstash as an agent with the File input on AIX. To be clear, Elastic does not test this setup, but it could in theory work, as running in a JVM should be platform independent.
  2. Use another shipper, such as nxlog, which has AIX support

Thanks. holds the official release and support for ELK stack? Like splunk is there any future plan to release forwarder that supports aix?

Hello Sreenu,

Have been successful shipping logs from AIX to same or other platform?
Is Filebeat newer version support AIX?

Thank you!