IBM Aix supports filebeat?

Hi All,

I am new to ELK and filebeat concepts.I installed Filebeat in AIX 6 box, after configuring filebeat.yml I tried running filebeat,but I ended up with an error saying "Cannot execute binary file" and the bad thing is i don't have access to root(sudo ./filebeat -e -c filebeat.yml -d "publish" will also result in an error saying "User is not allowed to execute as root on this machine").

My first question,does IBM AIX supports filebeat?
2.Am I missing something while running it?
3.Is there any dependency that I might have missed out?
4.Is there any way so that I can push data from AIX machine to a linux(where I have logstash installed and parsing the data)?

Please help me guys.It will be a great help.

Shree N

Elastic definitely doesn't distribute any AIX binaries of Filebeat. Last time I looked there was no Go compiler for AIX, but if there is you should be able to compile Filebeat yourself.

There are JVMs for AIX so you should be able to run Logstash.


Thanks much for your reply.

could you please let me know which version of JVMs will support for my requirement?kindly let me know is there any link/website which I can refer to run that.

The Logstash documentation should contain information about the JVM requirements.