_default_ mappings not being applied

I am working on migrating from Elasticsearch 2.4 to 5.6.3. In ES 2.4 the default mappings for an index are inherited into my other types, as expected. I can prove that with a call to <index>/_default_/_mapping/ and <index>/<myType>/_mapping and I see that all the properties in default have been added to 's mappings.
I can also do an terms query on the property and it will work as expected.

In ES v5
I can view the _default_/_mapping mapping and it looks correct, but if I view <myType>/_mapping it does not have the default properties. I figured they may just be hidden, so attempting a terms query, I get no results.

I have re-indexed all my content to ensure the most up-to-date mappings would be applied.

Is there a configuration that could be disabling default from being inherited?

Can you show the different templates?

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