Default Metricbeat dashboard has no data

Hi There,

I installed metricbeat 6.7 on my RHEL 7 machine and when I tried to open the default metricbeat dashboard on kibana, it doesn't show any data except the one below

Parts of or the entire area chart might not be displayed due to null values in the data. A line chart is recommended when displaying data with null values.

or blank chart or no results found

Elasticsearch and kibana installed on RHEL7 are of 6.7 version.

Please note Metricbeat setup did not error out.


Is metricbeat running and connecting to Elasticsearch?

Same problem, metricbeat won’t start due to error 1067

Please post the logs showing errors, it really helps.

Yes metricbeat is running and able to connect to elasticsearch. I can see the indices and view them in Kibana as well. The problem is with the dashboard which is supposed to come with metricbeat setup is not working.

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