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I'am trying to get into ElasticSearch and set up a one-node cluster.

Now everything seems to create indices (Kibana, x-pack, logstash, ...) with a configuration of more than one shard and at least one replica. This creates yellow-status notifications and probably isn't very healthy to just tolerate.

So I wonder now how I can have an index template which defines that no new index, doesn't matter which name, should never ever use a different setting than 1 shard and 0 replicas for the the future? I found how I can change that for existing indices. I found how a index template could look like with a template name matching to particular index in the future, but what I don't found was how this setting will affect all indices in the future.

Or do I just have to accept that users/applications will create their own settings and then my whole cluster will turn yellow or red because of that and I can't do anything against this?

PS: are there any guides or docs which explain the needed basic configuration of a one-node setup?

Thanks for any help in this.


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it looks like you can find your answer at the link below

I used to do this in the configuration file but it appeared "using REST" is the preferred method as discussed in the thread above.

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You can set a 0 priority template that matches * as the index pattern, then it should take precedence.

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