Default sort for same score documents

(Vesna Velichkovich) #1

If I do search and all documents have score of 1, what is the default order elasticsearch use to give me results back?
I am looking at the case where we re-indexed data and just doing GET index/_search in those two indices is not giving me same result of 10 documents that come back.

So, I wonder, if there is something special that I need to know with re-indexing that will help ensuring that my results from two indices will be the same.

I can tell that neither timestamp in source nor _id were used.

(Simon Willnauer) #2

the default is undefined. We use the internal document ID that is nothing you can control and it can be different across shards. if you need one use a primary sort on score and secondary on whatever you need it to be.

(system) #3

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