Define Action in http output

How to define action in http output?

Here is my http output file

output {
  http {
    url => "https://xyz,com?WSDL"
	content_type => "text/xml;charset=UTF-8"
    http_method => "post"
    format => "message" 
	message=> "create_object_service_name"
    mapping => [ "Name", "%{subject}", "Description","%{message}"]
	headers => ["Host:","Authorization: Basic a2V2aW4uc2Nob3R0OlhEQzg4NTk0"]

What do you mean by action?

By Action i mean SOAP Action like Create/Update/Delete

I tried my solution using SOAP UI that is working well.
I my case i need only POST data, so i am using http outpit

I want to incorporate same here with logstash http-output

I want to define the following stuff in my output config file

SOAP Request URL
Pass the variable value for sending the data to endpoint

I posted one more question in forum, but i ddint got any response so I proceeded with this
This is previously posted question

Please let me know if we can do this?

You can do only.

Yes i understand that

In my headers, i want to define
Username, password, Authentication : Basic/NTLM,

and in message data with variables.

How to use parameters to define. In the documentation it is not clear.

Is it possible for you to give me any example config file of http output for SOAP. where we can do POST action

Just read the html output doc it has a field for custom headers


Thanks for responding this.
I don't think i will have to create a new plugin.

The information that i am lacking here is how to provide this below information
Send Data with variables

I have read a blog, where he has tried out this, but that is incomplete for me

But i don't have information with practical example. So basically i have incomplete information how to define

message and header