Http output not working : http output failure for Logstash 5.0[SOLVED]

Hi All

Here is my output conf file, i am not able to post data to endpoint

output {
    http {
      url => ""
         http_method => "post"
         content_type => "application/vnd.abcd.resourceitem+json"
         headers => {
   "Authorization" => "Basic SENNX0lNUEw6SnJvOTg0ODM="
   "Host" => ""
   "Accept-Encoding" => "gzip,deflate"
   "Content-Length" => "292"
         format => "json"
   message =>'{"sourceId":"ABCD_EFG","requestNumber":"1234","requestTimestamp":"2017-01-12T08:00:00.000-08:00"}'


My output is in JSON format, i checked in SOAP UI it is working well.

Here is the error that you get in log file

[2017-01-13T17:51:54,686][ERROR][logstash.outputs.http ] [HTTP Output Failure] Could not fetch URL {:url=>"",..........................

Again this working well for me in the SOAP UI using REST projects


Hi wiibaa, is there any documentation for this, so that i make sure my http output in conf file is correct

its working for me now.

No issues

I gave header with "Cookie" and it worked.
Looks like http output plugin does not take care of cookie on its own

can you please provide an example of what you changed? I am trying to use a loopback address in my config and i keep getting the same error as you. Wondering if i have the same issue.

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