Logstash to Splunk

I'm seeing the following error when using "output http" plugin with Logstash V 7.9.1
[ERROR][logstash.outputs.http ][main][fd6763aa601b7a0319bbdad4f501b0901a4f4da752d9fcbf8f841e9fbf9e676c] [HTTP Output Failure] Could not fetch URL {:url=>"https://zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz")

Converting the below to a curl, or using Postman, succeeds. Anybody see this? It appears to be related to https, but, the logs do not give a clue.

output {
  http {
    format => "json"
    http_method => "post"
    url => "https://xxxxxxxxxxxxxx:443/services/collector/raw"
    headers => ["Authorization", "Splunk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"]

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