Need help to configure http output plugin for https

Hello i would like to send data via http output plugin (Http output plugin | Logstash Reference [8.2] | Elastic) to a https url . I have a very simple example with "" which is not working is it possible to know what's the problem ?
output {
http {
url => ""
http_method => "get"

for debug

stdout {}
I have the following output from logstash
[2022-06-09T11:02:47,803][ERROR][logstash.outputs.http ][main][4811562b3a9d0e71e85ecd54b9b911ea920186a034823835f8843588f7bcb611] Encountered non-2xx HTTP code 400 {:response_code=>400, :url=>"", :event=>#LogStash::Event:0x7470b923}

Ok I identified my problem which is not due to https but due to the fact i use the get method which always pass a body in the plugin implementation. Our output endpoint answer 400 when body is sent on get method (a querystring is wanted)

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