Define Primaries and Replicas for Elastic Agent Integrations


I have elastic agent managed by fleet and I want to define primaries and replicas. By default it has 1 primary and 1 replica but want to do 3 primary and 0 replica. I tried to play with data stream but nothing seem to work. I want all of the future integrations will have 3:0 as well. Please help me to overcome this issue.

Is there a reason you want this?

Load balancing between 3 data nodes.

How much data are you ingesting?

60gb per day

You'd be better off keeping the current approach then to be honest. Otherwise you end up with excess shards, and no redundancy.

I understand that but is there any way to accomplish my goal?

You will have to create an index template that picks up the names of your data streams or indices and set the primary and replicas in that.

Of course when you sent 3 primaries and 0 replicas, if you lose any of the primaries, the entire index will be lost or corrupt.

Thanks Stephen

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