Define second pattern for the remaining logs

Hello, I have now set up a pipeline and defined a GROK pattern. It is working. However, the logs that do not match the pattern are not displayed. How could I define a simple second pattern to catch the remaining logs?

Hello hta,

You could add a %{GREEDYDATA:data} after your own Grok pattern. This should catch all.


"patterns": [
    "User %{} %{GREEDYDATA:event.action} via %{WORD:ui} from %{IP:source.ip} using %{WORD:event.provider}",
    "User %{} %{GREEDYDATA:event.action} via %{WORD:ui} from %{IP:source.ip}",
    "User %{} %{GREEDYDATA:event.action}",

The first three would extract data from events and map that to specific fields. The fourth entry is the catchall and maps it to the "data" field.

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