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hi i trying to load csv file from logstash to elasticsearch.this is a sample of the structure of my data

2-24-2017,Roberto Michel,Taillefine aux fruits 0% Fraise - Danone - 500 g (4 x 125Â g),1,556.26,256,4.175E+15,9
because by default , every field will be stored as string in elasticseach i used mutate convert to change the type of data and date plugin to convert the transaction_date from string into date .everything went well without the date plugin but when i add it an error appear

this a sample of the filter

filter {
csv {
separator => ","
columns => ["transaction_date","customer_name","product_name","product_id","price_unit","quantity","fidelity_card_id","discount"]
mutate {
convert =>{"discount" => "integer" }
convert =>{"price_unit" =>"float"}
convert =>{"product_id" =>"integer"}
convert =>{"quantity"=> "integer"}
date {
match => {"transaction_date"=> "MM dd yyyy"}}


when i run logstash this error appears
Cannot create pipeline {:reason=>"translation missing: en.logstash.agent.configuration.invalid_plugin_register"}

please any help how could i fix this !!!

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Are you sure that's the only error message? There should be more details in the surrounding lines.

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