Defining a mapping for join datatype - Java API


I migration from old ES version to newest 6.2.2.

Right now I want to migrate from _parent to join using Java API:

           XContentBuilder documentMapping = jsonBuilder()
                        .field("type", "join")
                            .field("entry", "comment")

Unfortunately I got a exception:

Exception in thread "main" MapperParsingException[Failed to parse mapping [_doc]: No handler for type [join] declared on field [join_field]]; nested: MapperParsingException[No handler for type [join] declared on field [join_field]];

Probably this type is not added yet do Java API?

I found something like parent-join-client, but I don't know how to use it.

Looks strange to me as this is evaluated on server side.

Are you sure you are joining a 6.2 cluster?



That's the client side. I mean the server?

What gives a



I use not support embedded version:


Node node = new MyNode(
                .put("transport.type", "netty4")
                .put("http.type", "netty4")
                .put("http.enabled", "true")
                .put("path.home", "elasticsearch-data")

We don't support embedded nodes.
So that is not going to work.

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