Definition of status code being returned when Indexing

I have been trying to find some information about the status codes being returned when I index data, but I have had no success. Can anybody point me to the spot in the docs that this is documented?

An example:

{ "took" : 3,
"errors" : false,
"items" : [ {
"index" : {
"_index" : "ib_1",
"_type" : "individuals",
"_id" : "42",
"_version" : 17,
"status" : 200}}]}

In the above example I know status 200 indicates a successful update (based on experience), but what are the meanings of all the other statuses being returned?

Thanks in advance.

Basically it's this:

Note that you should rely only on the http status code and not on the status field as it has been removed in 2.0 IIRC.

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Thanks for the info.

I am assuming it is still used for the Bulk API? Is that assumption correct?

You're right. I missed you were talking about bulk API.

status is still there.

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Perfect, thanks.