Delete a csv file already integrate in kibana

I want to remove an integration of a csv file in elasticsearch, I have all tried but it is still present in kibana
Thank you

What do you mean by integrated?

I had a .csv file and I export it with logstash to elasticsearch to display it on Kibana, but I want to remove it from kibana but it is still present

Did you delete the index?

I do not want to delete the index I want to delete the csv file I export

Data is stored in an index though.
Do you have other data in that index?

Yes I have a lot, I want to remove some one but keep the index

Then you will need to use

Ideally, you should put it into a different index :slight_smile:

Where are the elasticsearch data that are sent by logstash?

That depends on your configuration.

I installed elasticsearch in a docker the main configuration file it is / usr / share / elasticsearch

Sorry, I mean your Logstash config.

here is my logstash configuration

Please don't post pictures of text, they are difficult to read and some people may not be even able to see them.

Given that configuration everything is going into the index named "test".

Also, what warkolm said.

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