Delete all children from all documents in a parent-child mapping

Hi All,

I have a parent / child relationship.

Parents are books and Children are user’s comment.

book { title, author, xxx, yyy, zzz }
usercomment { userid, comment)

I need to delete all children created by a specific user for all books, with the JAVA API,
without iterating over all books.

I use the 5.3.0 release.

I try this code :

QueryBuilder query = termQuery("userid", "3");

DeleteByQueryRequestBuilder deleteQuery = new DeleteByQueryRequestBuilder(client, DeleteByQueryAction.INSTANCE);

SearchResponse response = deleteQuery.source()

response.getHits().getTotalHits() returns the correct number but nothing is deleted.

What do I miss ?

Thanks for your help.


deleteQuery.source() returns you embeddedSearchRequestBuilder. So starting from that line you are actually building search request which you then execute and get back the search results. Take a look at to see working examples.

Thanks !


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