Delete all Indices through curl API

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curl -XDELETE 'http://localhost:9200/_all' taking too much time to clear
indices. ES cluster (version Beta1) has 2 dedicated master nodes , 10
dedicated data-nodes.

Each node has approximately 350 shards . action.disable_delete_all_indices
is false only on both master & data nodes. I got response
{"ok":true,"acknowledged" : true} in few minutes.

But shards not deleted any more. In the meantime i notices cluster health
api shows , 10 shards are relocating (since my setting concurrent rebalance
: 10).

"cluster_name": "test",
"status": "red",
"timed_out": false,
"number_of_nodes": 22,
"number_of_data_nodes": 10,
"active_primary_shards": 858,
"active_shards": 1716,
"relocating_shards": 10,
"initializing_shards": 0,
"unassigned_shards": 82

i have executed curl -XDELETE 'http://localhost:9200/_all' nearly 5 or 6
times. Its nearly more than an hour , shards not deleted immediately.

Is rebalancing triggered for each index delete even i said to clear all
indices ?

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