Delete and Insert documents in elasticsearch from logstash


I need to delete all documents and then add documents from logstash, in the same query.

Is this possible?
How can I do?

What you are looking for is not possible via logstash.

I have same requirement hence this is what I do. but in my case record count is small and that is why it works.

I run a bash cron script at 08:01 which deletes all record from index.
and logstash runs at 08:02 which pulls new data and insert in same index

inside bash script this is what I do

sleep 50
curl -u {elk_user}:{elk_user_password} -X POST "localhost:9200/myidex-2020/_delete_by_query" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d"
{ "query": { "match_all": {} } } "

this means all data is unavailable for only 10 to 20 second. as delete works at 08:01:50 and new data gets pull at 08:02:00

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