Delete assign replica shards

How can I delete replica shards without harming the primary shards?
I have to delete the only replica shards

I am using elasticsearch version-7.6.2

Please, help me here?

Thanks in advance

Just set number_of_replicas to 0 using the update index settings API.

Hi @Christian_Dahlqvist I already set that but some .kibana indices generated with assigned replica shards in the cluster.
I also put this setting in the cluster using the POSTMAN tool.

"index" : {

Why do you want to reduce the number of replicas of system indices? Why are you setting the replica count to 0?

Because we wan only primary indices for system indices

Sounds risky. If you still really want to do this please check the index settings and disable auto_expand_replicas set as this would override any changes you make. Given how small these indices typically are I do not see the point removing replicas given the issues with availability and reliability it could cause.

I checked that setting
It is shows auto_expand_replicas: "0-1"

Thanks @Christian_Dahlqvist

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