Delete By Query not working in ES embedded server 5.5

I have an embedded server running for version 5.5

 public EsEmbeddedRandomServer(String home) {
    this.portHttp = freeRandomPort(9200, 9299);
    this.portTransport = freeRandomPort(9300, 9399);
    String clusterName = String.format("es-embedded-%s", portHttp);"Found free ports {} and {}", portHttp, portTransport);

    Properties esConf = new Properties();
    esConf.setProperty("path.home", home);
    esConf.setProperty("http.type", "netty3");
    esConf.setProperty("http.port", String.valueOf(portHttp));
    esConf.setProperty("http.enabled", "true");
    esConf.setProperty("transport.tcp.port", String.valueOf(portTransport));
    esConf.setProperty("", clusterName);
    esConf.setProperty("transport.type", "local");
    esConf.setProperty("path.repo", home);

    Settings settings = Settings.builder().put(esConf).build();
    this.node = new PluginOverridableNode(settings, Arrays.asList(Netty3Plugin.class));


public void start() throws NodeValidationException {

When I run this query against the remote ES running on version 5.5 it works fine.

    curl -X POST \
    http://localhost:9200/docker-data-set/_delete_by_query \
   -d '{
         "query": {
            "match_all": {}

However, when I run the same against the local embedded server running on the same version I get the error:

"error": {
    "root_cause": [
            "type": "invalid_type_name_exception",
            "reason": "Document mapping type name can't start with '_', found: [_delete_by_query]"
    "type": "invalid_type_name_exception",
    "reason": "Document mapping type name can't start with '_', found: [_delete_by_query]"
"status": 400



You can not run elasticsearch embedded. Read this blog post.

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