Delete document from elasticsearch

delete_by_query is safe to delete huge volume of data (in gbs) in one go. Will it create any performance issues in ES.
Will it free the space automatically ?

  • Yes, delete_by_query is I/O intensive, run with wait_for_completion=false as a background task and then check task progress with (GET _tasks)
  • Run POST _refresh at the end to free disk space
  • I would choose to reindex the data that need to be keeped to a new index and delete the whole index :slight_smile: if you will delete more data than what you will keep
  • For future structure your data into timeseries indexes if possible (daily, weekly, monthly) and use ILM with rollover

thanks for the reply

I read somewhere that to free space in ES ,have to use force merge .delete_by_query alone will not free up the memory .

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