Delete document throws VersionConflictEngineException when using version_type=external


I try to use the versioning but I face a strange behaviour (strange to me).

I index one document id[1] version[1].

If I try to delete this document by giving the same Id and version I get a

If I increase the version number the delete is executed.

The exception is thrown by RobinEnging.class line 650 "if (currentVersion

= delete.version())"

Why is it a problem to have the same version number ?

As described in
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Optionally, the version number can be supplemented with an external value
(for example, if maintained in a database)
It's my case. But this test implies to perform a save in my DB to increase
the version number.

If no version is provided, then the operation is executed without any
It might be a solution but the versioning test could be interesting in
order to ensure that the user performing the delete use at least the last
indexing document.