Delete field from the index


I am having one index which consists 20 fields.The index having 2000 documents into it and I want to delete one field from that index. I don't want to update each document.
Can anyone please tell me how I can remove a field from the index? Is any query for that or any code example for that?

Suraj Dalvi

You can do probably a update by query with a script?
Not that "removing" a field does not remove the field from the mapping.

Anyway for 2000 documents it will be much much much faster, elegant, straightforward to just reindex in a new index.

Hi David,
Thanks for your reply, I want to delete a field from all documents which is a part of an array and I don't know the index of the field in that array. So how I delete such a field from all documents by using a script.
Please check following example:

Here I want to delete field with the name is "test"
Can you please help me into this?

I'm not a painless user TBH so I don't think i can help.
But I'd recommend reindexing anyway. That will be much easier IMO.

David is right, Reindex is better approach.

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