Delete index at regular basis

Hello All,

Currently i am using elasticsearch6.2.4 and its working fine. But i want to upgrade from elasticsearch6.2.4 to 6.4.0.

Before proceeding i have one query:-

Currently i am using Curator to delete index at regular basis in elasticserach6.2.4 and its working as expected.
Can you please let me know elatsicsearch6.4.0 support curator or not? If yes then which version of curator i need to use. If no then how we can delete old indexes in elasticserach6.4.0 at regular basis?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, Curator support elatsicsearch6.4.0

Curator is developed in python and using RESTful API to delete index

If you wanna make sure, Just try it on your PC

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Hello Zhilong,

Thank you for your response.

Yes, i have tested on my testing system and curator is working.

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