Delete Index automaticly with curator

Hello EveryOne,

My curator action file is as follows : 
    action: delete_indices
    description: >-Delete indices 
      continue_if_exception: False
     - filtertype: space
       disk_space: 0.2
       use_age: True
       source: creation_date

I wanted to know if this action will remove all indexes exceeding 200 MB or if curator delete the oldest indexes if the size of all indexes exceeds 200 MB ?

Thank you for help !

I highly recommend not deleting all indices by space without adding additional filters (to prevent your .kibana index from being deleted, for example).

Yes, your provided example will delete all indices in excess of 200MB, starting with the oldest by creation_date. I recommend running this with the --dry-run flag so you can see exactly what would be deleted before you actually run it. The indices which would have been deleted will be in the logs. Or, you can run curator_cli with this filter and the show_indices action:

curator_cli show_indices --filter_list '{"filtertype":"space","disk_space":0.2,"use_age":"True","source":"creation_date"}'

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